5 Ways to Enjoy Quinoa for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you begin the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast, you’ve set the day for productivity, good decisions, and the energy to make it until bedtime. The food that you eat affects this, however, so when you eat breakfast make sure you include quinoa, a seed that is packed with nutrients that keep you at your best. There are many ways that you can eat quinoa any time of the day. Here, we will examine five ways to enjoy it as the start of the day breakfast treat.

1- Smoothie

Many people are busy in the morning and lack the time to sit down for a good breakfast. A smoothie is a great on-the-go breakfast alternative. When quinoa is added to the smoothie, the already beneficial drink exceeds expectations and helps you get the best start to the day.

2- Pancakes

what is quinoa

Quinoa flour is available and when it is in your pantry, you can enjoy a variety of foods that are traditionally made with flour. This includes pancakes. You can even get creativity and add blueberries or your other favorite fruits or toppings for an even tastier meal.

3- Parfait

Another great and ways-to-eat breakfast food is a parfait, but do not make just any parfait. Instead, make your own parfait with quinoa, fruit, nuts, and your choice of ingredients. DIY is always the best!

4- Hot Cereal

Since quinoa is ready in about 15-minutes it is easy to make a nice big bowl most any morning. Once it is prepared, it makes a delicious hot cereal that you can add fruit and other ingredients to customize to your liking.

5- Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are quick and easy to make and with so many ways to create one, you can always satisfy your tastes. No matter what your morning flavor, be sure to add some quinoa to get all of the health benefits that you deserve.

Now that you are informed and do not need to ask what is quinoa, it is time to start enjoying it the way that you should.  What is Quinoa? It is the best breakfast food you can add to your menu, that’s what it is!