Minecraft Tricks & Tips

If you play Minecraft or plan to do so in the near future, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to enhance game play and get the full excitement this title brings. Finding the tricks and tips for success isn’t hard, especially now. You’re at the right place to learn everything you wanted to know about this game. Below, find tricks and tips that make it easy to love this game even more!

1- Use a Dedicated Server

Many Minecraft players use dedicated servers to play this game because doing so offers numerous advantages that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Dedicated servers are free and some are low cost. Find the best servers with the free list of top names at minecraftservershub.com. You’ll be glad you chose to use a dedicated server to play!

2- Use Torches to Create Underwater Air Pockets

Whether you swam too deeply, opened floodgates, or have other issues that cause you to become stuck underwater, you need air to breath and you need it quickly. To get the air that you need, place a torch in the water to allow for a quick breath. You need to stand close to the torch for this trick to work.

3- Use Torches to Break Sand & Gravel Stacks

This is a well-known trick that many players use. You might’ve even heard of this one before. Nonetheless, ensure that you implement it into your game play whenever it is needed. You can clear sand and gravel stacks easily and quickly when using a torch. Simply take out the bottom and replace with the torch to collapse the remaining stacks.


4- Use Torches to Build Off of

Another great use for the torch is to build off of. Many players also use this trick to help them succeed, so do not be the only one without its help on your side. Simply build off the side of the torch and you eliminate the need to place a new block! This is very helpful when blocks are scarce.

5- Stop Lava or Water

Lava and water are both detrimental to your game play. If there’s lava or water standing in your way, wouldn’t it be nice to stop it in its tracks? If only there was a way! Now, you can stop water and lava by using a sign or a ladder to get past. What a simple solution to what could’ve been a major problem!

6- The Many uses of Soul Sand

Soul sand is very desirable while playing Minecraft. It has a multitude of uses and it is imperative that you’re aware of them all. The main use of soul sand is slowing you down. Other Uses for soul sand include helping you sink lower into the ground, blocking traps, and more.

Minecraft Fun Coming Your Way

If you are a Minecraft fan or plan to start playing the game in the near future, be sure to take these tricks and tips with you to make the most of your game. These are free tricks and tips so why not put them to use? The game is far more exciting when you know the secrets and shortcuts like those listed here.