Ten Reasons Why It Is Ok To Have A Maid Service

It is just a guess, but you probably don’t spend your day sitting around eating bonbons, do you? You hold down a job, run a household, you’re at every soccer practice and we haven’t even started talking about the laundry yet!

1. You can’t do everything

You might be Superman, but it simply is not possible to do everything. You work an 8-hour day and then expect to get to everything that needs to be done to keep the house on track, for the sake of sanity.

2. They do it better than you could

You know that saying practice makes perfect? Well the best maid services in san diego are about to prove it to you. They’re good. Your house will be cleaner.

3. And it lasts longer

All you need to do is keep on top of things and it will last until the next time they come over.

4. They have better tools than you do

See number 9. The best maid services in San Diego do this all the time, so they have the right tools for the job and their industrial vacuum is much better at cleaning your rugs that your $100 thing that you’ve never actually emptied.

5. They will get the job done faster

Regardless of how big a team they bring, they are still going to be faster than you could ever get to everything. You know how they couldn’t do your job…?

6. You are putting money into the economy

Putting money into the economy is a good thing. Think of it as an energy, and energy has a positive effect, the more you put in, the more you get out.

7. Creating jobs is good for the community

It might not be your choice of occupation, but it might be perfect for the maids. They might need a part-time job, be able to pick up the kids or have other reasons to be out of the 9-5. Everyone should have a choice in how they work, shouldn’t they?

8. Would you rather spend time with your kids than clean?

No brainer, right?

9. The house looks great when you come home

There’s nothing quite as nice as coming home to a sparkling house and you get it every time.

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10. It is not morally reprehensible

Unless you’re being mean or snobby.